In Honor of those that were killed on September 11, 2001- Sgt John Coughlin - Sgt Michael Curtin - Sgt Rodney Gillis - Sgt. Timothy Roy - Det. Claude Richards - Det. Joseph Vigiano - PO John D'Allara - PO Vincent Danz - PO Jerome Dominguez - PO Stephen Driscoll - PO Mark Ellis - PO Robert Fazio - PO Ronald Kloepfer - PO Thomas Langone - PO James Leahy - PO Brian McDonnell - PO John Perry - PO Glenn Pettit - PO Moira Smith - PO Ramon Suarez - PO Paul Talty - PO Santos Valentin - PO Walter Weaver


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                 The Honor Legion, founded in 1900 and incorporat­ed in 1912, is the oldest Fraternal Organization in the New York City Police Department.


                 The Honor Legion is composed of members of the Police Force of the City of New York, comprising all ranks, who during the history of the Honor Legion have received department recognition, have been awarded medals or Honorable Mention for deeds of valor performed at imminent risk of life, or who have been commended for meritorious acts at personal risk, and who are entitled to wear the insignia of their Department.


                 It holds in one great bond of comradeship the Honor Members of the Department, the Finest of the Finest. It recognizes no rank. It is a force, a tower of strength to combat evil; an inspiration from within, a beacon of hope for the weak, a leaven for good. Its tenets: self-respect, courage, loyalty and devotion to duty.


                The underlying purpose of the Organization is to render aid and comfort to the survivors of the Members of the Service who have made the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty:  (Fidelis Ad Mortem -Faithful Unto Death).


                This purpose is carried out by the Members of the Honor Legion with the thoughtfulness of mind that there but for the grace of God go I.


                The Honor Legion is a Fraternal Organization which through social functions fosters comradeship and brotherhood recognizing no ethnicity or religious differ­ences.


                To obtain further information, please contact the Executive Board of Officers by writing to the above address.


Fidelis Ad Mortem

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