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Community Of The Finest Ethnic, Religious, Fraternal, Sports & Line Organizations

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Committee Of Police Societies

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Provide mutual advancement in the best interests of its members.
Forward the cause of Tradition, Fraternalism and Unity.
Promote the welfare and heritage of the New York City Police Department.
Encourage a sound working relationship with one another through friendly and fraternal cooperation.
The Police Family is a diverse one, similar to the communities we serve.  The organizations listed in the Fraternal Organizations page are religious, ethnic and fraternal in nature.  All are officially recognized by the New York City Police Department.  ​These associations provide valuable resources for their membership ranging from the social to the spiritual.  Tangible benefits such as scholarships, promotional guidance and counseling are available.

The Committee of Police Societies (C.O.P.S.) is the umbrella group of these organizations.  Under its auspices, the presidents of all the associations meet monthly for the purpose of exchanging ideas and concerns, and to ameliorate any differences that may arise.  On occasion, mutual problems faced by members are dealt with collectively by C.O.P.S.